Nice to meet you. 


We’re cliq, a group of friends. Our goal is to explore and meet new people - but easier said than done. We talked to some others, and realized they feel the same way too. So, we created an app that helps people like us, meet people like you.

Ready to Cliq?



What people are saying:

"We Cliqed with another
group and went to a comedy show. We're looking forward to the next one!" –Ali

"My friends use Cliq
on weeknights when we're looking
 for a change of pace or for
people to aid our talentless
trivia team." –Nika

"Cliq has been such a refreshing way to meet people
I never would have crossed paths with otherwise" –CJ


How to use Cliq:


1. Explore with friends

Meeting new people is easier with friends. Start by adding yours.


2. Unlock New Experiences

See people close by and invite them to chat.


3. Chat to Cliq

Get to know each other in a group text that disappears by morning.