You Gave Us Feedback. We Listened.


Thanks to our Cliq Insider participants, we've been able to make changes that will improve the user experience. Let us know what you think! 

  • Change your pictures! Sorry we didn't include that in the first one. Go to "My Cliq > Profile > Edit Profile"
  • Simpler invite process. Invite to chat not to meet up. You guys didn't want us to tell you where or when to meet, and we get it. Press "Invite to Chat" to send an Invite.
  • Group chat with the other Cliq. Figure out where everyone wants to go. We'll suggest a venue or event, but it's all up to you! Once the other Cliq accepts an invite, just click "Group Chat"
  • Update your email in the app. We send emails with all kinds of updates and giveaways. Now you can update your email in "Edit Profile"
  • Android is in Beta!