Millennials Say This App Has Changed The Way They Meet People

People who just moved to a new city have one thing in common, they want to meet that group of friends that they can explore the city with. Whether that came in the form of your avid "Bruncher", the friend that gets way too drunk, or to that friend you can go to for anything, there is virtually no person who has had a good time in a new city alone.

So how do you meet these essential connections that help you to build your friend base? One app is trying to solve that need.

Meet Cliq, a completely free tool for finding people to hang out. Cliq does the work for you of finding nearby, relevant people who are also open to networking. The app is not just for people who are new to the city–it is also for people who have lived in the city for years that just want to meet new people.

Whether exploring a new neighborhood, searching for your next best friend, or hunting for your right hand person, Cliq relies on your self-selected interests and location to make up to 15 suggestions a day of people who you may find interesting. This limit makes connecting with quality people a priority and gives you time to actually meet your matches. When both people accept the connection, you are invited to a group chat to make some plans!

Cliq has already made 1.5 Million matches in 2016 and plans to gain another 2 million in 2017. Some of the resulting matches have led to marriages and friends that lead to groomsmen/bridesmaids. Ethan Howler, met his fiancée on the Cliq App. "I reached out at first in a group and once we started hanging out more and more, they were my go-to group to hang out with. One thing led to another and now we are engaged, getting married in 6 months!"

“I started off chatting with a few matches while still in my pajamas on my couch,” Howler says. “In that moment, I knew this product was going to make networking so much more convenient and efficient for me. I was hooked from the start.”

So what are you waiting for? Download Cliq to find that connection that just may change your life. Cliq is currently free in the iOS app store to download.

Meet Cliq, the App that Wants to Help Different Friend Groups Meet Up in Chicago

Meet Cliq, the App that Wants to Help Different Friend Groups Meet Up in Chicago

Listen, your friends are great. But let's face it, those same bars and restaurants can begin to feel boring, and that story you've heard for the 10th time is getting annoying. Your gang could benefit from meeting another friend group in the city where you all could go out and try something new.

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